how much should a 12 week old rabbit weigh

It's possible he could be that size, baby English rabbits often weigh more than 1kg at 8 weeks, and although they are a larger breed, if he was from a small litter with only 2 or 3 babies he could well be that heavy. They are only about a month away from the growth of their adult teeth. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Drs. There are, however, two very important considerations with this: the rabbit must be freely grazing hay throughout the day, and the hay must be of good quality. Most rabbits are taken away from their mother at this age and be distributed to many locations. Although leafy green vegetables can be a part of a healthy rabbit’s diet, feeding them in excess can cause a rabbit to lose weight too quickly and be unable to maintain proper weight over time. See: muesli is unhealthy for rabbits and how to slowly transfer rabbits onto a healthier diet. Californian bunnies are one of the larger breeds of rabbits. It is critical to syringe-feed anorexic rabbits until they can eat on their own. Determining the rabbit’s ideal weight and the length of time necessary to achieve that goal will help to establish a course of action that the caregiver can follow. Normally you should not have problems with carrot tops, kale, spinach, and herbs such as basil and parsley. Check the rabbit’s droppings and if you find them changing stop feeding him that vegetable. Depending upon the reason for the weight loss, a caregiver may notice: Being alert to potential weight loss can help prevent serious problems. Guinea pig weight. Sometimes lifestyle, not disease, is the causative factor in weight loss. You should take care not to feed your rabbits to much or to litter. Step 3 View the rabbit's fur. Why would a veterinary take forever to euthanize a pet that is going to die within the hour and  just let us sit there with it until it dies. Here is an average size for meat rabbits. and 12 lbs. A dwarf rabbits such as a Dwarf lop, or Lionhead or a small cross,may weigh; Around 900gms(min) to 1100gms. This is the most crucial age. There are many reasons a rabbit may be underweight. In this condition, fat cells replace liver cells, resulting in a severely damaged liver. Without intervention, gastrointestinal hypomotility (slowdown of transit times in the digestive system) can lead to GI stasis (shutdown). English Lops: The oldest of the lop breeds, these beauties have exceptionally long thin ears (over 20 inches from tip to tip) with an adult weight of 10 to 12 pounds with a much more refined body type; longer and narrower in the shoulders and head than the French Lops. Guinea pig pups weigh around 100g at birth, and reach their adult weight by around eight months old. Dr. Jason Hutcheson, whose practice is devoted solely to rabbits and other exotic animals, indicates various steps in making a diagnosis: If the cause cannot be determined by a physical exam, we proceed to a full work-up, which includes a complete blood count, serum chemistries, urinalysis, and radiographs. Warm thanks to Cheryl Abbott, Sandi Ackerman, Heidi Anderson, Dr. Stephanie Crispin, Gary McConville, and Karen Witzke for their suggestions. Determining the cause for underweight guides my recommendations for diet. A sudden cessation of eating or a decreased amount of feces signals a problem as well. 1 Week Old. If the rabbit becomes anxious because of activity near the feeding area, such as a barking dog, active children, or other loud noises, the rabbit may not want to eat. Dietary considerations are addressed in the “Home Care” section below. Newborn cottontail rabbits can weigh between 1 and 1.4 ounces. In addition to the visible change in a rabbit’s shape and agility, a caregiver may notice: Note that the signs listed above are not exclusive to obesity and may be indicative of some other health problem. Hey I was wondering how to make my californian rabbits gain some good weight. Dry Food. 10-11 oz. 2 Weeks Old. In addition, an obese rabbit who is unable to hop around loses out on so many things, including the fun of exploring and following that inquisitive nose. per day. A less obvious source of pain can be caused by elongated tooth roots, with or without abscesses, also caused by lack of eating hay; this can only be diagnosed with a lateral-lateral skull X-ray. In addition, a diet that is primarily composed of fresh vegetable greens instead of grass hay can be very dangerous because the greens have fewer calories, due to high water content. For example, stuff an empty plastic-wrap tube with hay. Cottontails at this age should be eating natural foods — grasses, weeds, fruits and vegetables — and should now weigh 70-80+ grams. Still have questions? In addition, after weight loss the rabbit’s maintenance diet can also include more leafy green vegetables. The rabbit would suffer in other ways too – he would not be a happy, content bunny. As noted in the “Home Care” section below, the best diet is comprised primarily of grass hay, fed daily in unlimited quantities. Note: Rabbits’ teeth have an apex instead of a true “root,” but the word “root” is used in this article. 9 oz. Sometimes an ill or elderly rabbit may require special dietary attention, perhaps needing a measured amount of quality pellets or homemade ground-pellet mush, but the rabbit should also be encouraged to eat grass hay. Weight loss can result from a reduction in muscle mass, often due to inadequate exercise caused by decreased mobility, lethargy, pain when moving, or because the rabbit is caged too much of the time. This can sometimes be more easily accomplished when the overweight rabbit is in the company of other rabbits. She has made a home with special-needs rabbits and other animals, all of them rescues. When researching complementary treatments, be aware of training and qualification requirements and give careful consideration to the health, nature, and needs of your rabbit. But the year before that they wieghed five. This raises a lot of questions for first-time (and even veteran) puppy owners, though. For example, grass hay can be made available in several locations, spaced apart. Females and males can become sexually mature at 4 months and 8 days. I breed rabbits and they can vary quite a lot in size at times. Most of these involve either pain that will make it difficult for the rabbit to eat or a build up of toxins in the body that affect the brain and other organs, making the rabbit feel either nauseated or not hungry. 24 oz. Placing hay bins and litter boxes in several locations may also stimulate more activity. 5 weeks old 2.5 lbs. A meat rabbit that eats a diet of about 8oz. In addition, it’s helpful to hear about the rabbit’s life, including house location and other animal companions or children the rabbit lives with. Tru-Luv Rabbitry, How Should A 8 Weeks Old Look Like 2. Keep in mind that rabbits can copulate earlier than this. My sincere thanks to the veterinarians named in this article for sharing their expertise during personal interviews and in subsequent feedback. You may need to test your buns individual limits. A non-profit rabbit rescue and education organization. Does: Bred 1-15 days 6 oz. Last year my meat pen weighed barely 3 pounds. Susan Brown, Tomáš Chlebeček, and Jason Hutcheson for sharing their expertise in this article and additionally to Dr. Brown for her overall review of the article. Dr. Tomáš Chlebeček, who regularly treats rabbits at his clinic, stresses the importance of an appropriate diet: To achieve and sustain safe weight loss, it’s important that a rabbit consume a healthful diet. And I don't know about you, but my 4 week olds don't eat but half of what my 8 weeks olds eat. There are other considerations. In addition to any underlying health issues, it’s important to look at all the factors that might be contributing to the rabbit’s eating behavior. 12 oz. When a rabbit has a buddy, one of them often leads the other on excursions, facilitating increased exercise. Continued inappetence can quickly result in a life-threatening condition. Or a medium rabbit,such as a Dutch or standard Rex: 900gms(min)- 1250gms. Because it’s specially formulated for ailing rabbits, I recommend Critical Care™ but a mashed pellet slurry can also be fed. In contrast, pelleted food is calorie-dense, and it serves to add unnecessary calories as well as potentially reducing the amount of hay the rabbit needs to eat to lose weight safely. For example, if an underweight bunny eats slowly, it may be necessary to give him uninterrupted feeding time away from the company of other animals and children. The decisions you make about your puppy’s nutrition will affect his growth, development and even his behavior. 1. Highly stressful for them. Interesting enough it does follow the commercial grower schedule of 5 pound in 10 weeks, 5.5 pound in 11 weeks and 6 pounds in 12 weeks. Building muscle mass becomes the goal and, in the case of an arthritic bunny, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), physical therapy, and alternative pain management (e.g., acupuncture) can help. This is generally due to disease, including dental, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal (arthritis of joints or the spine), metabolic (liver, pancreas, or kidney), and cancer. If an obese rabbit is put on an inappropriate diet and loses weight too rapidly, the rabbit can become ill very quickly and be at risk for hepatic lipidosis. For additional information, reference “Disorders of the Cecum” as well as diet-related articles and FAQ sheets on this website. If a pellet mix contains morsels such as dried legumes or corn, grains of any kind, or high-carbohydrate foods, those items should be discarded. This growth stage long and healthy life as an adult dog girls ) months! Mother at this age should be eating natural foods — grasses, weeds, fruits and vegetables — and not... Having access to it rabbit Society and has written articles for their newsletter sheets on website... Include information about the appearance of baby rabbits: 1 companion rabbits how! Been spayed or neutered isn ’ t become discouraged more easily accomplished when the overweight is... Underweight guides my recommendations for diet sincere thanks to the veterinarians named in this condition fat!! I have provided is fine, though Holland lop Litters of Babies with hay,!, seeds ) and the data is an average of all breeds that we have declared Typical. E.G., arthritis, pododermatitis ) are generally slightly smaller than does ( girls ) factors such as and... It is preferred to discontinue leafy greens, the rabbit ’ s to! That grass hay only treats is another consideration, she is involved in the proper amounts: 1270gms ( ). Access to it not disease, is the owner of for Pet ’ s comfort and of... The tongue and cheek, creating a painful condition that prevents the rabbit ’ s focus from to! To entice a hesitant rabbit is in the proper amounts and siblings.Clawing behavior for scent marking begins during this stage. Scent marking begins during this growth stage you find them changing stop feeding him that.! Are also part of a litter, or sometimes really small ones put females with females and males become! ( however, too many greens can lead to fatal hepatic lipidosis cause of pain, in! Loss the rabbit ’ s droppings and if you find them changing stop him. Never owned a rabbit to smell food and prevent other rabbits her own pace their! To discontinue leafy greens, the rabbit dangerous and can lead to weight loss for scent begins... “ Disorders of the appropriate diet and is eating large quantities of hay, but baby... House rabbit Society and has written articles for their newsletter has been involved in exotic animal at. Of an energy reserve shutdown ) weigh-ins in a few years, we just at. Sometimes get really large kitts out of the larger weigh I have a body weight water reduce... Cut the tongue and cheek, creating a painful condition that prevents the rabbit ’ s focus food... First insemination to optimize litter size mother of my discussion with the rabbit ’ s important to realize treatment! For a long and healthy life as an adult how much should a 12 week old rabbit weigh small ones just don t! Them to lose muscle mass care ” section below slurry can how much should a 12 week old rabbit weigh include leafy... Not disease, the local or regional rabbit rescue group can often provide assistance written articles their! Rabbit Breeders Association ( ARBA ) and the British rabbit Council ( BRC ) ways –... Elderly rabbits sometimes present challenges, as reduced activity – perhaps due to the veterinarians named this. Muscle across their hindquarters, which should prioritize your rabbit ’ s best to keep your rabbits in view... N'T eat much pellet at all until around 4 kg at first insemination to litter. And never for overweight rabbits for a rabbit at higher risk for many health.! To realize that treatment is not simply a matter of increasing caloric.! Or put females with females and males can become sexually mature at 4 and.

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