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She even goes into logistics and warehousing, infrastructure, operations, and marketing. She helps entrepreneurs shift the power and get retailers to buy what you’re selling. The salary for professionals who have an MBA in Retail Management is as follows: After pursuing an MBA in Retail Management, the average salary offered to candidates usually lies between Rs.4 lakhs - Rs.7 lakhs per annum. Retail Leadership Rotation Program salaries at Amazon can range from $125,715 - $176,874. Karen Waksman transformed her career from a manufacturer’s rep into an author, speaker, and consultant on selling at retail for success. A gold mine. Check out our interview on How She Sold Her Companies! If you go through normal channels to get your product into the big stores, the odds are probably better than 99% that your project will be a dismal failure. At the moment, we are working on our approach strategy regarding major department stores. Many students are considering an MBA in Retail, and that’s no surprise: Retail and consumer goods are huge businesses. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I've also created 6-figure businesses with Amazon FBA, Shopify Dropshipping & Affiliate Marketing. As soon as I learned Karen’s “secret” I started making progress with our products; and realized why my previous attempts were all wrong. Typically the edit, delete/deactivate, etc. Your information is priceless.”. If you have no retail store experience, that’s okay. With this knowledge I now see product possibilities I had never considered. We had been missing it simply because we did not know where to begin. Karen provided insightful, concrete advice that I was able to immediately implement with my own product. Thank you Karen! Retail MBA. !”, “I highly recommend Karen Waksman for your business needs. They got their products into 1560 Petsmart Stores in the U.S. and Canada. Thank you, thank you! One of the hardest things to do in product development isn’t making the product. Verified Purchase. She was very upfront with her suggestions and provided me the feedback that I needed to go to print. … See MoreSee Less, Pitching Retail Buyers – How to Get Your Product in Stores, Congrats to our Leah Cupps Client – They Got Their Products into BuyBuyBaby. It’s exciting!”, “Karen is a wonder to listen to. Thanks Karen! Pursuing an Executive MBA can be a pivotal decision in your career. Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. It was ranked #2 for marketing.. Incoming Wharton Students and Consumer Products and Retail. There is just no way I could get all this information by trail and error in my life time. Now, I am happy to say that I got an appointment with Walmart, and actually sold my product to the giant retail store. Thank you so much Karen for you program and for responding to my emails and helping me with my journey.”– Oleg Lee, iLeesh Products LLC (His product is now in Wal-Mart! 18 Amazon Retail Leadership Development Program interview questions and 15 interview reviews. Getting your product on a store shelf may not be as hard as you think.”, “Karen is a force of nature; her insight, experience, enthusiasm and knowledge of the field are invaluable to anyone contemplating selling their product through major retailers. depending on the requirements of the institute. Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2016. So thank you! I think your program will be the final piece to help me reach my goal.”, – Sal DePaola, The Paint Brush Cover (Shark Tank Winner! Thanks again Karen.”. Thanks again you for taking the time to teach independent inventors how to sell their ideas. I wish all vendors heard this before contacting me. It is much more scalable than product-based businesses. Download colleges brochure, read questions and student reviews. Karen sold millions of units to the world’s largest retailers. Her informative style and enthusiasm was a sheer delight to be a part of… The information she supplied saved me time, money and confusion.. I’m 5 videos in and loving every one. All I have to say is BRAVO Karen! The complete course will change your business focus from begging for a sale to negotiating with buyers. Just a few weeks after meeting with Karen I’m now in discussion with some of the largest retailers in the country and was quickly able to secure several substantial retail contracts. Many attendees told me that they thought your talk was was very informative. I’ve been searching for something like this for 2 or 3 years. ), “I’d like to thank you for putting together such a detailed, easy to follow program. The complete course will change your business focus from begging for a sale to negotiating with buyers. The moment that believed that the program was worth the $ was about 15 minutes into the first module….GREAT JOB!”– Marjorie Heidorn, Entrepreneur– Ari Akerstein, Entrepreneur, “As soon as I realized I wanted to take my business to the next level, retail, I started doing my research on how to get into retail stores. Students who are interested in the retail sector should definitely consider pursuing this course. 2.6K likes. The buyer said: “It looks like you have everything we need, we would like your product in our brick and mortar as well as online. You get the inside scoop on chain store orders. Karen Waksman is a Manufacturer’s Rep turned Author, Speaker and Consultant. Didn’t realize the detail involved in selling to a chain but you’ve really made it easy to understand and I don’t feel as intimidated and overwhelmed. I feel like I can really do this. That’s where a genius like Karen Waksman comes in. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Yet, Karen has the inside track on how retail buyers think and how to leverage that insight into retail distribution gold. ), “I have been following Karen for a while and Love, Love, Love all her knowledge. 5.0 out of 5 stars Thumbs up, and great taste of her full Retail MBA program. Anyone with a better “mousetrap” and a dream would do well to listen to her. “If I had to describe Karen Waksman’s information in one word it would be Revolutionary! It's All about college. Most have a bachelor's in business administration and some even have an MBA. You learn how to find the perfect buyer for whatever product you’re selling and how to go after the big box stores without hesitation. By some estimates, in 2019, the size of the global retail industry was over $20 trillion, driven by behemoths like Walmart, Home Depot, and Costco, as well as by e-commerce retailers such as Amazon and firms in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment. Retail MBA Rocks!”, “As an entrepreneur and inventor approaching major retailers for the first time, I found the expertise and resources Karen Waksman’s information provided to be the perfect fit for our company’s needs. I love it so much. After we started following Karen’s advice, we quickly found our first retail customers for our products. I found Karen to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.”, – Vicky Reinke, Owner – Final Touch by Design, “Karen’s course was great! Her “keys to success” have given me the insight and courage to get my product on retailers’ shelves and start making the money I have always dreamed of!”– Sheila P. Barry, CEO, SC Creative Innovations, LLC, “Going into my first meeting with Wal-mart, I felt much more confident after using Retail MBA to help structure my presentation. … See MoreSee Less, Target Stores Vendor – How to Sell to Target Stores and Become a Target Stores Vendor – Retail MBA | Karen Waksman, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, Ace Hardware Vendor – How to Sell to Ace Hardware and Become an Ace Hardware Vendor! I am soooooo ready!!! It is a simple business just ranked sites and send leads to small businesses then get paid. For those without a degree, internal training and development programs will help to propel you forward. We know that the market is always evolving and we need to keep up.”, – Ed Silva, Inventor’s Alliance Sacramento Chapter, “After attending Karen Waksman’s seminar, I was able to immediately use the information she presented to help “get my foot in the door” with several purchasing agents… great info!”, – Dave Bakke, Co-Inventor, Global Span Products, “Wow, so helpful! They offer a wealth of great strategies, tips and other information on the entire process of getting a product sold through any and all retail channels. Do you have a product that is perfect for retailers such as…. Leading us through the catacomb of retail marketing in easy to understand steps…”, “Thank you for speaking to Inventors Alliance on Saturday. Now we basically have a checklist to run through to make sure we are prepared organization and process wise.Understanding the differences between different retail groups, e.g. Do you have a product that is perfect for Ace Hardware Vendor? It really is like getting your MBA, but without a huge student loan debt. Prospective students searching for Top Retail Management Schools and Colleges in the U.S. found the following information and resources relevant and helpful. is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners. ), “…Her information is a must-have for entrepreneurs making, manufacturing and wanting to sell their new product or invention to retailers. If you have any kind of product you intend to sell to a lot of people, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KAREN WAKSMAN! I am impressed by her ability to connect with an audience in a very sympathetic and straight-forward manner.”. I never in my life thought I would endeavor to do such a thing this early on in my business, especially since developing products is still very new to me. I’ve found that Retail MBA is the most comprehensive guide available about how to get started as a retail chain supplier.”– Michael, PlateTopper, (His product is now in Wal-mart and many other chain store retailers!

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