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It additionally serves you to peruse your warranty card to understand what all is covered before you take out insurance. Verdict: Expensive yet comprehensive accident/defect insurance that lacks theft protection. Squaretrade treated me well for that claim. I am buying a gaming laptop that will cost $1200-$1500. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Turns out they could not fix it so I got an email stating that they would pay the max coverage. Where could I get a policy like this? Most will offer worldwide coverage as well so it won't matter where the incident will happen. I personally would not recommend this. Laptop Insurance? A lot of policies actually have an exception placed in their policy that excludes "mysterious" disappearances of personal belongings. Property losses are paid out in a couple of different ways. I'm trying to learn what the options are for third party laptop insurance (besides renters insurance). 1. It’s a 2015 MacBook Air. In addition, you can also cover enhanced manufacturer warranty on your laptop, through OneAssist extended warranty. A limit is the maximum amount a policy will pay toward a covered claim. Archived. Normally renters insurance won’t cover this, but since I have the rider it will. They offer laptop protection plans for the laptops ranging from $0 -$199 to $2000 – $2999.99. Follow up. Posted by 4 years ago. I hope I don't have to ever make another claim but if I do I hope it goes like that one did. Whether you are already covered by another policy . Login . r/laptops: The place to discuss anything laptop related. At first glace, the HP's Care Pack seems to be worth the money, at $223.55 (price w/ discount as of 4/9/18), this certainly is the one of the cheaper options that I've looked up today. I never really thought about it since my previous laptops were $1-$1.5K and not really top of the line. Trustpilot. A $125 deductible is great! Two things to double … That’s a bit high, I know, but I’ve made two claims on my renters insurance in the past 7 years. I am buying a gaming laptop that will cost $1200-$1500. Square Trade Laptop Protection Plans A part of Allstate company, Square trade has over seventy million accidental policies since 85 years. : ) -michael. Price - $223.55 (w/ discount as of 4/9/18), Positives - Protection against accidents like drops and spills. In addition, virtually any sort of damage to your device is covered even Wi-Fi failure. When shopping for a new PC, laptop, or ultrabook, … I need insurance that covers accidental damage for 2 years. So 999.99 and 329.99 were paid out. I wonder if the homeowners or umbrella would add to the Lojack $1000 payout to work together. American-owned and operated. Customer Login . This thread is archived. Only one sample, I've heard bad stories too. hide. This thread is archived. Close. card classic compact. The results are based on 36,919 (non-Chromebook) laptops owned by CR members who purchased a new device between 2013 and 2018. It also covers laptops and tablets when you take them away from home. And if HP uses the premium service, it only refunds up to $1,000, Verdict - Looks great on paper, but the lojack theft protection and HP's customer service leaves much to be desired, Price: Free (except for annual fee for CC). Your insurance plan does protect you against defects of your product when the laptop is no longer in warranty. $0 deductible also. Get Quote . This comparison will help you find laptop insurance, UK wide, but first you should think about: What risks you need to protect your laptop against. Laptop Insurance. 1.3 How to get insurance for your laptop? Knocking on wood. Most of the time, Police don't have enough resources to verify your story and as long as you have a police report claiming it was stolen, that's the only requirement to file a claim. That's a pretty big deal. Cheaper policies will usually offer the most basic cover, so it's worth reading through the terms and conditions to see what each policy covers before deciding.Most policies should include: 1. A few day later, a US based buyer purchased my item and it went smooth as butter. eCare Login . I generally but thus from the place u get the laptop. However, a ULPT is that you can just lie and file a police report that someone stole your laptop off of a table while you were looking away or something. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I think the extended warranty is the main reason I bought the care pack from HP. I would also need on-site repairs. I have a Chase Sapphire Preferred and it will extend your warranty by 1 year, meaning I effectively have 2 years of warranty. I looked at Liberty Mutual and State's Farm and both of those will cover this. save hide report. share . 100% Upvoted. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. save. share. Hot New Top. I basically had a computer for two years for free after that claim. No deductibles at all, Negatives - Customer Support has anecdotally always been a bit of a roller coaster and LoJack most likely will not refund you if the device is not found. Laptop Insurance? Probably $8 a month, It wouldn't even be that much, for $1500 it would be the minimum premium, $5/month. Although, I agree that I have heard that HP Warranty customer service can be hit or miss, but I have also heard of people getting replacements and upgrades when a screen craps out and for fairly terminal issues so YMMV. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Or did you mean to say they won't pay if it is found? They have great rates. Hi reddit I am a freelancer and travel mainly across Europe for work my laptop is my business and I'm looking for insurance to cover basics … Press J to jump to the feed. Now, however, it looks like CIBC is jumping into the game. Insurance2go is part of Loyal Insurance Services Ltd. We were established in 2007 with one clear mission: to provide great value insurance for mobile phones, tablets and laptops - at the best possible price. Plan: Add-on Insurance. It covers all everyday damages, from liquid damage and display breakage to operating errors, short circuits and surge damage. 34. Do you mean they will only refund upto $1000 if not found? Laptop insurance policies cover common perils, such as theft or damage. Positives: If you have homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance, I would check your policy to see if personal property is included in the policy protection. Our Laptop Insurance Quotes are based on the value of your laptop. If your laptop is damaged or stolen, your contents insurance will cover you to replace, or where possible, repair the laptop. Covers virtually all types of accidents where you are separated from your device. If it is, it's very likely that your laptop will be covered. Warranty coverage from Asurion is available at most major retailers. Laptop Insurance. Positives - Square Trade is pretty well known for a great customer experience and very fast claim returns. HP Laptop Insurance from only £6.49. Log In Sign Up. 100% Upvoted. Now, however, it looks like CIBC is jumping into the game. But HP does not specify that the LoJack plan is premium or not. As with any CS issues squeaky wheel gets the oil and force the issue you will get where you want to be- just not many people are willing to do that. This is really great information, THANKS! A major setback for an otherwise decently priced plan. So they failed to meet that guarantee. With comprehensive insurance at an affordable price, you'll enjoy real peace of mind with Back in mid 2018, I sold my gaming laptop (Worth roughly $1500 plus I added insurance and signature confirmation). 1. laptop insurance. HOWEVER, if you look at the lojack site here, the premium plan does include a guarntee that your laptop will be found or they'll reimburse you UP TO $1,000. PC laptops and accidental damage: Best and worst warranties 2015. However, I may be purchasing a more expensive laptop that's about $2.8k - $3k. Customer Service | Contact Us . The Lenovo x230t screen stopped working, bad cable. Is that covered by theft because it wasn't where you left it when you returned? So again YMMV depending on your policy. Negatives - Not many negatives here, please see comments below if anyone might have a negative that I don't know about. AVO | FG Connect . 1 comment. However, my deductible is $225 for each instance. So we recommend you laptop accidental and liquid damage. laptop insurance. As someone mentioned, Scammers … SquareTrade is a premier provider of device protection & warranty services for iPhones, Smartphones, TVs, Tablets, Laptops & Appliances. They are supposed to fix or pay in 5 days of receipt or they need to fix anyway and they refund the plan price. At the risk of the mods' ire, you should contact (I am not connected in any way with Safeware). Just wondering on your thoughts on the matter. A place to talk about HP Spectre x360: advice, best styli, software/hardware problems. Agent Login . 1 How Much does Laptop Insurance Cost? Log In Sign Up. Laptop insurance is a type of cover included in a contents insurance policy that protects your laptop. Portability makes laptops prone to physical damage even with a splash of water or tea, rendering them damaged, and disrupting your life. I purchased the Laptop two years ago for $999. card. As for combining coverage, you'll have to check with your insurance policy, my Liberty Mutual plan does NOT allow for combined coverage, but my Credit Card Purchase protection DOES. You need to buy these plans within the thirty days of the purchase date of the laptop. LoJack coming free with the package was a bonus. Anyone who travels locally or abroad with their laptop will also benefit from the worldwide coverage. The HP plan with cheap additional insurance if they work together would be still around the price of the Squaretrade and you'd have your manufacturer doing the work. quick pay login 1800 220 233 1860 500 3333 Insure . I think if you keep it under 10% of the product costs, it's fine. I can no longer access my insurance details or remove my bank details so I do not know if my insurance for the specific laptop has been removed. Laptop Insurance quotes. Press J to jump to the feed. Accident protection for laptops from the #1-rated protection plan. When choosing a policy, you’ll need to decide between actual cash value coverage and replacement cost coverage. Here's SquareTrade’s got you covered. BBB A+ Ranking. Whoops, I broke it again. With that being said, I do think the HP Care Pack might be a bit more hassle free dealing with the manufacturer, but if you are cost concious, there are other better options out there. I spilled liquid on my laptop a few nights ago. #1 in Laptop Insurance protection. I really like the personable customer service we've received. That's their guarantee. I think $1000 for a lost Lojack payoff is pretty good. And no deductible either. Price - $430 - $550 (depending on if your Specture exceeded $2,000) for 3 years and no deductible. Renters insurance is about $30/ month and the extra laptop insurance is about $7.50 a month. Close. Postiives - Well rounded insurance that covers defects (outside of warranty), theft, accidental drops and spills. Most of the price drops are between $100 and $200, and are a mix between cutting the price of laptops themselves, and the already-cost-effective "Essentials Bundles" which combine a 2 … Join . If it's any help progressive quoted me $2/month to add laptop insurance. Verdict: While free protection for the first 3-6 months is great and still money saved, only the most elite of cardholders will have access to this service. Being able to wipe the hard drive remotely is another bonus. Great experience, hope I never need to use it again. Support. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, which is what I want covered. I purchased the 3yr at a big discount. Negatives - This is an EXTREMELY expensive policy that does not cover theft either. Did you find that to be true in your research. Laptops r/ laptops. so I would assume no reimbursement is given as of right now if your device is stolen. save hide report. Posted by. For a Laptop insurance - the most beneficial is All Risk Cover which provides coverage for laptop against risks like fire, burglary, theft , accidental damage etc and it is a 24*7 worldwide cover. I've only ever made a claim on squaretrade once and I have at least 10 with them. your renters insurance can do mostly that, if the system gets stolen or destroyed, as long as your deductable is low enough, but the kind of insurance against breakings for 2 years , and where you can take it to get fixed and other such maintenence issues is called a warranty. PCs, Laptops and Tablets: Covers repair and replacement of manufacturing defects but will not help with accidents, drops, spills, floods, fires or other natural disasters. I had to add in much more but I'm getting much more. Customer Portal . Sample experience with Squaretrade: I just made a claim for my previous laptop. The were VERY friendly. Of course, carriers and third-party sellers offer device insurance. This thread is archived . Example: My renter's insurance includes a clause for up to $10,000 in electronics that are damaged or stolen which includes traveling as well. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Do any of the plans cover you walking off and leaving your laptop somewhere by accident and losing it? 5 Best Device Insurance Company . User account menu. Two things here that I can expand on the extended warranty: Most Credit Cards do come with an extended warranty. And no deductible either. Moderator of r/laptops Archived Stickied post. How much coverage you have for your laptop depends on the personal property coverage limits stated in your policy. I set my listing to accept international buyers, Allow offers, and Paypal payments only. Unfortunately, my mobile phone insurance does not cover computers. Price: Free (except for insurance premium). Get Quote . It's for personal use, not a work device. I may add a bit to my insurance based on what you've shown to help it out. To add Laptop Insurance specifically designed for women to your 1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance policy, call us on 0861 33 93 39. User account menu. I paid $330 for the plan, a 4 year plan. 13 comments. Give your HP Laptop a little love. So normally I'd be like "hell na, dude, laptop insurance is a scam" HOWEVER. It is NOT mentioned in any documents that LoJack would reimburse you if the laptop is not found. Price - $5-$8 /month ($180- $288 over 3 years) for a laptop worth up to $2,000. We both confirmed the address, Payments was clear and immediate. Share . Hot. I got back from vacation about a month had passed since they got it. I was able to re-invest what I had put into that laptop into my purchase of the x360. Personal articles policy from State Farm would do the trick. Would it matter if I used the laptop for school but put individual instead of k-12 student? 80% of laptop failures that occur within the first 2 years aren’t covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. I would also need on-site repairs. Drop it, spill on it, run over it? 60% Upvoted. Press J to jump to the feed. They paid $999 for the loss. share. Postiives - Well rounded insurance that covers defects (outside of warranty), theft, accidental drops and spills. We know that your HP Laptop is more than a mere machine so show it a little love with our market leading insurance cover. Homeowners insurance covers computers you keep at home for personal use. Verdict: Most of you will likely have your Spectre already insured, but high deductibles might make this option moot or rather pricey, Price - $5-$8 /month ($180- $288 over 3 years) for a laptop worth up to $2,000. Posted by 3 years ago. Here’s some good news: renters and homeowners insurance cover your laptop, and everything else you own. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the spectrex360 community. This depends on the policy you take out. Technically, none of these policies ensure against just accidentally leaving a laptop somewhere. Posted by 2 years ago. Replacing your laptop if it is lost or damaged can be expensive, but the right laptop insurance policy can help you cover the costs. Archived. Archived. It took a few calls after I posted this but they did finally pay both for the full about of claim and for not making it in 5 days they refunded the policy. Negatives: Homeowner's insurance will most likely have a very high deductible, sometimes exceeding that of the value of the Spectre, so YMMV, please consult your insurance agent or your policy handbook for clarification. report. Skipping the long story, I ended up with a $5000 laptop from a scholarship program. I've looked at both HP's product documentation [here] ( and on their product page itself here to confirm. Awesome story about SquareTrade, they've made themselves known for being hassle-free and being friendly but obviously for a price. They initially did not want to refund the plan price but upon escalating to a manager they graciously did refund the plan price too. Health Portal . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You'll want to know your policy limits and how much coverage they provide … Unlimited Claims. Really easy to ship. Well, insurance of the laptop becomes a lifesaver here. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 3 3. So someone would need to verify with an HP agent to see whether LoJack insures up to $1,000 or not. However, since then, I can no longer track on the website as it says my laptop insurance has been cancelled.. with no more information, I am slightly anxious about this. Rising. Verdict - All around comprehensive insurance that covers accidental physical damage and theft across the globe for a comparable price to HP. Lenovo Flex 5. I need insurance that covers accidental damage for 2 years. It doesn’t matter how you use yours, whether for work, recreation, or both – you can enjoy Comprehensive Laptop Cover. Where could I get a policy like this? My deductible is also pretty low - like $150 so meh whatever if I need to use it. I can't complain at all. Here's State Farm's personal articles policy. The manufacturer, best buy, Costco, etc all offer it. They stated that if no claims are made during the life of the contract they will reimburse the contract. Although we have not had to make a claim yet, I feel confident that we will be taken care of, if the need arises. They got it and said they would fix it. 3 years ago. EDIT: Explanation on LoJack and why it might NOT be worth it. Close. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1.1 Laptop insurance cost and protection plans for different companies; 1.2 What type of losses are covered in laptop insurance? Any comments on combining coverage, does that even work? Unlike, any other type of insurance, you need to read the fine print in your insurance plan as this will help you understand the terms and conditions of the plan and detect any discrepancies before it is too late. Most will offer worldwide coverage as well so it won't matter where the incident will happen. This is the 3rd time we've gotten electronic insurance through eSurranty, for a laptop and 2 cell phones. Dell, Apple, HP, Sony. Hot New Top Rising. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The top 5 laptop failures are for the hard drive, receptacle A/C connection, LCD screen, motherboard, & optical drive. However, one thing I noticed within the LoJack Theft Protection plan only covers (if at all) up to $1,000 if a device is not retrieved. HP will use Genuine OEM parts to repair or replace device. Why wouldn't they refund upto $1000 if they don't find it? Protect your device. 4 comments. Accidents, Cracked Screens, Theft, Water damage, Power Surge. Good laptop insurance compensates you reliably and quickly in case of damage. 1. Positives: Many credit cars comes with purchase protections with some premium cards offering protection up to $10,000 per instance. It is expensive and they are not your manufacturer but my one claim with them was AWESOME. Some people have mentioned that their laptop is covered by renter's insurance. Insure your laptop online The following companies offer insurance especially for laptops, as well as other computer equipment. K-12 School student laptop 1:1 device program group quotes available. Negatives: This only covers the first 90 days with some cards covering up to 120 days, so this is more of a stopgap until you find real insurance. I went off on vacation. We know who posts often enough to not worry about silly goose :). Unlimited Repairs . They had it for a month. Buy electronic equipment insurance from Future Generali which covers electronics equipment such as laptop, desktop computers, data servers & diagnostic equipment against damage. They will reimburse you for your financial losses up to policy limits.

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