comcast charging me for equipment i don t have

My bill amount looks funny again and when I double-check, the modem has reappeared. I had Comcast Internet and Phone. Eventually I sent the Amazon receipt and he fought over the brand (My modem has Cisco branding and the receipt says Linksys...which are the same company.). I lived in East Brunswick, N.J., for 18 years and Comcast was my cable provider for most of that time. Comcast doesn't (do they even buy Cisco modems? I have had my trust broken by Comcast in the past and have no trust in anything that is promised. My experience so far has been that the conversation notes don't quite match the conversation. Cisco then makes that information available to MSOs that purchase modems. Learn more about what [BCB:148:XF.EN_US:ECB] products and services cost in your neighborhood. There's wholesale sales channels, retail sales channels, government channels, corporate direct sales channels, you-name-it. Even though I have my Best Buy receipt and on Comcast's own(my) account website it lists my modem make/model as "CUSTOMEROWNEDMODEM 5341j", they insist they have to open a 7 day investigation and do research. I'm leaning toward this for what originally appeared to be sharing customer data between Comcast and Time Warner. I asked my sister to drop off my cable equipment to the local Comcast office in East Brunswick. It's been a nightmare. I'm going to give the normal process ~1 more week. I switched from UVerse. Unreturned equipment fees are the bane of any Comcast cord-cutter. Press J to jump to the feed. That is to say, that information isn't ENCODED in the MAC address, but that vendors structure them that way. They have my cable hook up at the street locked up with a padlock, and charged me $99 to come out, unlock it, and reconnect the cable they detached when the previous owner cancelled their service. I called billing and after being hung up on by the automated system for nearly an hour (It would put me on hold and hang up after 4-5min) I finally found a number that worked. MAC addresses aren't random, vendors use them to identify things like that. You can see your modem logs at You care. But, the more 4k shows we watch the more I see my house coming closer to it. PM me if this doesn't get sorted out for you. I bought this through Amazon. Today is National Voter Registration Day! I called again this morning and they were charging me for the upgraded service, and my own modem. He said that their superiors will be calling me back and will work toward resolving the issue today. I don't believe you are being done over. This manager was a little more knowledgeable...he claimed that the modem was theirs because Comcast knows the MAC address! Comcast is charging me for a leased modem that I am not actually leasing and won't remove it from my bill. Comcast employs an army of "retention" specialists who try to talk you out of leaving -- why not spare a few who can also assist you with a dignified exit? I've hit the cap when I setup a new backup solution and it goes crazy doing uploads to a remote location. US finally prohibits ISPs from charging for routers they don’t provide Yes, we needed a law to ban rental fees for devices that customers own in full. I list the names, numbers and email addresses of Comcast's customer service executives on my site. I now live in Illinois. It depends. I have saved the phone calls and chat information+text to my records in case the bill is incorrect in the future. They are wanting to charge me $300 for equipment I already returned. You entrusted your sister with the cable box (which was almost certainly not worth $1,300, but that's another issue). (self.Comcast) submitted 1 year ago by jugglesme I also requested and received a hard copy receipt, signed by a Comcast technician, verifying that I properly returned all of their equipment. Comcast has been charging me for my Zoom modem since its installation. I would call, the CSR would tell me to disregard the charge for the modem and that it would be corrected on the next bill. With that said, the last two reps I talked with as well as the excellent reps in this thread, give me some hope. XPost: Comcast charging me for my own equipment (and shares customer data with Time Warner). The answer: Comcast is in no hurry to give back money for programming it did not provide or to stop charging … I will hold off on submitting the audio until this call is done. Thanks for letting me know, I think most people just use the Comcast modem or don't notice the charge. Author, How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler (and Save Time, Money, and Hassle), Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. (Info / ^Contact). Now I have a motorola modem from Comcast, and I put my toshiba away. Cisco just manufactures it and stuffs it into the logistics systems. * advice Conspiracists say it's an intentional action or "modem ownership reset" conducted by Comcast to intentionally fleece their customers yet not attract too much consumer backlash or trigger regulatory intervention. ©2020 Verizon Media. They also removed the incorrect service upgrade charges as well as the late fee that was added during my dispute. Please let me know if there is anything you can do to help me resolve this matter. It is so unfair to have to pay for equipment I returned and don't have. If anything comes up related to this in the future I will make a new thread and reference this one. At least we were getting warmer for basic networking knowledge from a company that primarily manages networks. I just had a similar experience today. I bought it through Amazon and still have the receipt. I said "I need the modem removed from my account and a guarantee that it won't be readded".

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