how to cure a fresh ham

Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. Pour in 1 gallon fresh cold water to cool down the mixture. Fresh, uncured ham is an unpreserved leg of pork, whereas cured ham is processed ham that is preserved through wet or dry curing that may include smoking. You do not want to pick out a ham that has been cooked, cured, or labeled as enhanced with a solution. This final step is necessary to ensure the meat is safe for eating. Stir until the salt and sugar have completely dissolved. This video will show you how to cure and smoke a fresh ham at home Place the ham in the bucket you will be using and fill with water until the ham is submerged. Helpful 5 Not Helpful 3 Remove the ham from its wrappings. Advertisement. Ingredients; Step 1 - Prepare The Meat; Step 2 - Prepare the Offset Smoker and Wood; Step 3 - Smoke the Meat ; Step 4 - Add More Wood and Coal ; How to Smoke a Fresh Ham. Place kosher salt, brown sugar, pickling spice, and pink salt in a container large enough to hold the brine and the ham. 1. Add the cold brine to the pork, and lay a heavy plate on top of the floating meat to keep it submerged. A major thing to look out for when choosing your ham is to make sure it is labeled fresh. Cover the plastic container with a lid or use plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Method 2: Smoking an Uncured Ham The time needed to brine or cure a fresh pork ham totally depends on the size of the meat cut. Call on Dr. Seuss. of meat or 1 level teaspoon of cure for 5 lbs. Smoke the ham at a temperature of no hotter than 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius), using sawdust, or hardwood. Put the stockpot in the refrigerator and cool until the water reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But first, you’ll need: a fresh ham; 8 pounds of salt; 2 pounds of dark brown sugar; 4/10 pound of cayenne pepper; 4/10 pound of black pepper; butcher paper; 2 ham socks; a smoker; 1. Some cooks also smoke their cured hams on the barbecue or in a smoker. On the Prague, see the instructions that comes with it. 22 Creative and Fun Ways to Repurpose Your Old T-shirts, 37 Frugal & Fun Halloween Decorations You Are Sure to Love, 51 Free DIY Pergola Plans & Ideas That You Can Build in Your Garden, How to Build a Sturdy, Functional Pole Barn Fast and For Under $600, How to Build a Desk for $20 (Bonus: 5 Cheap DIY Desk Plans & Ideas), 100 Hand-Picked Tutorials to Build a Beautiful DIY Bench, 11 Completely Natural Hair Dyes without Using Harsh Chemicals, 30 DIY Cat Bed Tutorials for Your Furry Feline, How to Refinish Your Cabinets with Minimal Cost in 6 Easy Steps. The color of … What's Cooking America: Guidelines for Brining Pork. It all depends how salty you like your ham. Taking on a cooking project like curing your own meat sounds impressive and DIY-savvy. Here is How to Cure Ham. Hams can be ready-to-eat or not. She holds a degree in environmental science from Humboldt State University. At the halfway point, rotate the position of the the boneless Boston butt slices so they brine evenly. This bed of curing mix should be ¼” – ½” deep. Using the wet-curing method allows you to prepare and serve your home-cured ham in a few days. Cure the ham for 75 to 90 days, at approximately 2 1/2 to 3 days per pound of meat. Cook the cured ham by baking or boiling it. Turn the heat down to a simmer when the water starts to boil and add the salt, sugar and seasonings. Country ham and prosciutto (both are dry cured) range in color from pink to a mahogany color. 15 Best Handyman YouTube Channels to Follow for Avid DIYers. These are the kinds of ham that are uncooked and uncured. Place the ham on top of the layer of mix. Choose one that is 8-12 pounds total weight. One of those methods, cured meats, would provide a lasting protein source throughout the year for the lucky hunter and his family. … If still unsure of how to calculate salt/sugar/cure amounts for your particular project, read the intro to the Formula for Success and follow the in-depth instructions there. Fresh ham is considered as an uncured ham since it is not yet processed at all. Country ham, the dense, particularly salty version beloved in the South, is a deep brown or mahogany. It’s all well and good if one has learned to debone a fresh leg of pork, but of what profit is it if there isn’t a winning method to turn it into a beautiful, moist, salty and smokey ham?. I cooked the other one for Christmas and did not brine it and it was tough and awful. 3) Scrub the exterior of the ham thoroughly to remove as much bacteria as possible (don't use soap). How to Cure a Ham: The Important Step for a Masterpiece of Smoked Ham. Place your ham in the plastic container that you’ll be using to cure it. (We rinse ours for about five minutes – we like salty ham!) and jowl. Step 6 The amount of time the ham cures depends on the size of the meat. There are different varieties of ham for you to choose from. Such fresh hams come from young, healthy, fast-growing hogs with a desirable lean-to-fat ratio. For now, feel free to continue reading. Wet Cured Ham Ingredients: 2 C brown sugar; ½ C pickling spice; 8 tsp “pink salt” (curing salt) 1½ C kosher salt; First things first: get a nice pork leg. The Picnic Ham is economical, and easier to handle because of the size. Cure in the refrigerator for 7 days. It is suggested that you remove the skin to allow the brine (and later, the smoke) to penetrate the meat. Stir in the pink salt then pour over the ham, adding more water as needed to cover the ham by 1 inch. 40 DIY Cat Toys Every Cat-Lover (and Their Cats) Will Adore, 34 Free DIY Swing Set Plans for Your Kids’ Fun Backyard Play Area, Get Creative With These 26 Dollar Store Crafts to Make Something Beautiful, 15 Tips and Ideas to Help You Create Decorative Garden Fences, 32 DIY Room Dividers to Create Privacy With Stylish Flair, 50 Free DIY Picnic Table Plans and Ideas that Will Bring Your Family Together, 60 DIY Coffee Table Plans and Ideas with Form and Function, 18 Free DIY Garage Plans with Detailed Drawings and Instructions, 20 Budget-Friendly DIY Boat Plans for Loads of Water Fun, 40 Free DIY Farmhouse Table Plans to Give a Rustic Feel to Your Dining Room, 28 Heartwarming DIY Homemade Candles That Will Make You Happy. Thanks! of meat. Prepare the ham for aging afterward. Do you remember the childhood favorite book “Green Eggs and Ham” by the infamous Dr. Seuss? of cure for 25 lbs. The amount of time the ham cures depends on the size of the meat. I'm thinking that I need to brine it this time, and would like to to do it without Nitrates/Nitrites/Insta Cure. The wet-cured (brined) hams always came out tasting more like a simple smoked meat and nothing like ham as we know it. Halfway through the curing time (3½ days), measure out 2 more cups of brine, strain it, and reinject the ham with it. On a stove, heat up the water with the salt, sugar, molasses, and ground clove, just until the salt and sugars have dissolved. Mix cure … A pork sirloin roast can also be used to cure for a small ham. Discard the brining solution. It is a cut of pork. Disclosure. A fresh ham (one that has not been cured) will have a pale pink or beige color similar in color to a fresh pork roast. It will cure at the rate of 2 pounds per day. Put the bucket in the refrigerator and let the meat cure for at least 7 days. Boneless vs. Bone-In Hams. Do this by unwrapping the ham, using a stiff brush to remove the cure mix and mold, and rinsing with cold water. Methods of curing ham fall into two categories--wet curing or dry curing. Ham needs to be thawed and not frozen when you place it in the brine.You also need a food grade container large enough to place your ham and brine in and have the meat completely covered by the brine. Submerse the ham in the brine and let it hang out for 3 days in the refrigerator. Remove the ham from the brining solution and rinse thoroughly to remove all surface salt. This means that average smoking times can take anywhere between 5 and 10 hours. Does anyone have any experience with brining such a large one without using Nitrates? If necessary, weight the meat down under a clean plastic container filled with water. And a salt cured ham is not only fit for a king, but it hearkens back to the days of hunting past. Place the ham in the brining solution and place a heavy plate on top of the meat to keep it from floating to the surface. Any part of the ham exposed to the air can spoil, ruining the entire effort. Allow the water to cool for 20 minutes on the stove top. Measure the amount of water in the bucket, pour into a stockpot and turn on the heat. She has been a professional cook and caterer for more than 20 years. Place a lid on the bucket and put it in the refrigerator. Smoking a fresh ham takes 30 minutes per pound of meat. The principal cuts are ham, loin, bacon, shoulder. A high-quality, cured ham requires that you start with the proper type of high-quality fresh ham. … A properly cured ham will look pink (like commercially cured ham). As we all know, there was no form of refrigeration in years past, and mankind relied upon several techniques for preserving food. This is not including the time needed to brine or cure it. Rub the cleaned ham with the coarsely ground black pepper. They can be smoked or unsmoked, picnic or country-style.Cured hams are pink, while uncured hams are a lighter beige or pale pink color. Just fresh pork that you can directly roast at home. Step 2. Fresh hams can be purchased from a retail store or a local meatpacker who is under constant inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the Virginia State Meat Inspection Service. Put a layer of curing mix on the tray to act as a bed for the ham. Well trimmed meat cures out better and with less waste. In that case, a 6-pound ham will cure in about two days. Remove the ham and put it back in the refrigerator. Once you’ve reached the right number of days for your ham, take it out of the fridge, and give it a good rinse. The best part about following through on curing your own ham is you will find the process no more difficult than roasting a turkey or putting together a decent lasagna. Make sure the water completely covers the ham. Seasonings may include peppercorns, pickling spices and juniper berries. Nikki Jardin began freelance writing in 2009 and focuses on food and travel articles. Actually, curing a ham is not always about preservation but it is also about keeping the ham moist and providing the … My Step-by-Step Guide; How to Smoke a Fresh Ham. Fresh or Green Ham. Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil and pour over the brine ingredients; whisk to dissolve. Curing meat , and particularly curing ham, is not always easy, and the meat can often spoil when the conditions are not right, so care must be taken at all steps to be successful in the end and to make sure that you don't end up making yourself sick! Pork typically takes about eight hours per pound to cure. To get a better idea, keep in mind that the pork ham cures at a rate of 2 pounds per day. From the web site: Use 1 oz. Method 1: Smoking a Cured Ham. The quicker you rinse, the saltier the ham will be. But you can leave the skin on if you want, as long as you make some cuts all the way down to the fat but not into the meat. I have a very large uncured fresh ham (approx 20 lbs) that I want to cook for Easter. Some white mold on the surface is normal, and may be scraped away easily along with any residual curing mixture. You can season and roast the ham much like how you would prepare a turkey. Place a lid on the bucket and put it in the refrigerator. Ingredients; 2. (It's a plan-ahead but soooooooooooooo worth it!) Such has been my dilemma for several years. (Example: 4 inch diameter ham would be 4+3= 7 days) My smallest one took 6 days, and the largest 8 days. This is the formula for deciding how long to let it cure for: The diameter of your piece of meat in inches + 3 days. There are a number of ways to cure ham, including dry curing which involves leaving it to cure by air, sugar curing, or brine curing where you use a lot of salt. Use a kitchen thermometer for accuracy. Take a fresh ham with skin on, wash off in water and pat dry. Step 1. Put a layer of curing mix on the tray to act as a bed for the ham. Usually, the color of a cured ham is a deep rose color or pink. Also, you can go through the process of curing the ham yourself with a salt mixture, but it … If it is larger … If a piece of bone sticks out, get the hacksaw and cut it off or add more cure to cover it. The latter method requires several months and consistent ambient temperatures for safe curing. Do not let the ham get over 40 degrees Fahrenheit or you run the risk of introducing bacteria to the meat. So, depending on the size of your cut, you should calculate how long … If you prefer, you may also smoke the ham after the curing process. Add one tablespoon of seasonings for each gallon of water and combine with the salt and sugar. Fresh ham is not the cured, smoked product we associate with ham. You can also cure or smoke this ham before baking or roasting it. Turn the ham over daily so it cures evenly. The curing process may also include adding a combination of sugar, salt, and other flavors. A large ham will take about a week. Wiping the ham with a clean paper towel soaked in vinegar will remove any remaining mold. Measure 1/2-cup of kosher salt and 1/4-cup of sugar for each gallon of water. Combine all of the ingredients in a large container. But, aside from learning how to smoke a fresh ham, I will also teach you how to preserve your ham. Purchase a fresh ham from the butcher and get it home as quickly as possible. Unlike with a cured and smoked ham, you have to cook a raw ham from scratch up to a food-safe temperature (again, like a turkey). Learn in this video how to make fresh pork ham roast in the oven by using a simple and delicious pork roast recipe from scratch! Place the container in the refrigerator and brine the boneless Boston butt slices for 3 to 4 days. Keep it in the fridge until done. 6. 5. Pork typically takes about eight hours per pound to cure. All of the other pieces can be classified as trimmings. Take a fresh ham with skin on, wash off in water and pat dry. Well, in this instance you are going to need a green ham instead of … This might not sound like much, but most cuts of half ham weigh around 10 lbs, while whole hams can be up to 20 lbs in weight. Put the meat in the bucket and submerge it. 2 tsp Spice to taste (thyme for lamb, black pepper & cloves for ham) Prague #1 Cure –optional! The word ham refers to a cured pork leg with one exception — a fresh ham is uncured. Fresh pork ham roast recipes – how to make fresh ham roast in the oven at home in 7 steps.. Easy roasted pork ham recipe to learn how to cook a fresh ham in the oven with a marinade prepared with simple and tasty ingredients.. This bed of curing mix should be ¼” … For example, a 20 pound whole ham plus 2 gallon of water to cover would create a total project weight of 20 lb meat plus 16.6 lb of curing brine, or 36.6 lb total ‘project weight’. Some folks rinse it in cold water for several minutes, other folks put the roasts back into a clean bucket with fresh water and let it sit overnight.

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