blue buffalo dental bones recall 2020

He was on it for about couple of months. The products affected by this recall include the following: Bravo Blend Chicken Diet and Bravo Balance Chicken Dinner in chubs and patties. Most of the types of Blue Buffalo food are sold in two or three different sizes. This recall affected the Dave’s Simply the Best Dog Food with a “Best By” date of October 15, 2016. Usually she can handle any treat with no issues. I checked recalls but they are seems to be equal. The carbohydrates included in this recipe are ones that are easily digestible, such as peas and potatoes. Blue Buffalo food products generally have between 20-30% protein, which is a fairly high percentage for dry dog food. If you aren’t concerned about getting your money back, you can feel free to dispose of the product but be sure to do so safely in a way that no other animal can come into contact with it. I’m on this website because I thought the Blue Buffalo senior was better food for my dog. Our dog has so few issues on this food. Routine testing at the manufacturing site revealed the presence of Salmonella in this product. She has been on Blue Buffalo, pink bag for 9 years plus and she has never had any problem. 2017. FDA-issued recalls usually occur when the FDA discovers a problem when testing a particular product – the problem may also be brought to their attention through consumer complaints. Customer supplied date code information and retain samples were pulled, tested and found to have high peroxide values. 530 E. Washington St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 (866) 372-2765 [email protected] Facebook page opens in new window Twitter page opens in … The product affected by this recall was 12-ounce bags of 12-inch Tremenda Sticks pet chews. Blue Buffalo issued a voluntary recall for their Blue Wilderness Trail Trays due to an issue with the foil seal on the top of the 3.5 ounce cups. No other Wellness products are affected by this recall. On February 14, 2020, the FDA issued a caution letter over the potential for salmonella contamination in their frozen raw dog food, lot #175331. For each additional 20 pounds, you can give them an additional half cup. Here they are in reverse chronological order. This recall affected the following products: 6.5-pound Doggie Dozen Patties, 4-pound Doggie Sliders and 3-pound Meaty Rox of the Chicken, Fish & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Recipe. Healthy and bowel movements normal. Blue Buffalo is the latest pet food to be hit with a wave of consumer complaints alleging that pets became ill and, sometimes, died after eating it, even t bags) 4.5 out of 5 stars 61. This choice is for active dogs that prefer a protein that is primarily salmon. My dog has been put on hydrolyzed food both wet and dry. Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Bites, Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Patties For Dogs On March 2, 2017, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food of Wheeling, Illinois, has voluntarily recalled specific lots of its Hunk of Beef product because the contaminant pentobarbital was detected in one lot of the pet food. Shocked that there hasn’t been another recall or investigation into these claims. Blue Buffalo The treats became very hard. Don’t blame a dog food company for issues you are having just to make yourself feel better about spending too much money on your pet. K-9 Kraving On March 17, 2017, the WellPet Company issued a voluntary recall for one of their canned topper products, Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs. In order to make choosing dog food easier, Blue Buffalo also provides meal options specifically for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. Exclusively Sold at Walmart. Sticking with simple Milk Bones. Stella & Chewy’s Hello Cindy! Bonnie, I am sorry to hear your dog became so sick on Blue Buffalo, but very happy to hear that he is doing better back on Nutro. Review for Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural Adult Dental Chew Mini Dog Treat, 12-oz. These categories are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. Blue Buffalo has a wide variety of foods for dogs of all different ages and sizes. So sorry for your loss. Tried fresh, human-grade food for your dog yet? Family Pet® Meaty Cuts Beef Chicken & Cheese Flavors Premium Dog Food Blue Buffalo. The recall was volunteered by the company due to excess lead in the product. Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight. We do not specifically market to children under 13. Blue Buffalo provides nutritious recipes that include natural ingredients, high-quality meat, fish, or poultry, and fruit and vegetables. Please use the links below to review the complete list: Paws Up! Pet food recalled include the 30-pound bags of Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food. If you have additional questions about the recall you can always contact the manufacturer of the product. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mold by-product from the growth of Aspergillus flavus and can be harmful to pets if consumed in significant quantities. The product affected by this recall was 2.8-ounce bags of Good ‘N Fun Beefhide Chicken Sticks. Our dog food is Blue Buffalo. He should be full frosty face by now but isn’t. On July 17, 2020, the FDA posted the company's recall press release that they issued on 06-23-2020 only to benefit the public for informational purposes. For these measurements, use a standard 8-ounce measuring cup. Gold Chicken Pate Dog, Gold Chicken & Duck, Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate Just a little too pricey for my budget. DogFood.Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 1,803 packages of the affected products were sold nationwide in Canada between January 13, 2020 and June, 2020. When I opened a new can, he ate then came running up to me and started throwing up and went into a full seizure. She immediately wanted to change him to Hiil’s Diet. The product affected by this recall was the Chicken Patties Dog Food product. But what do you do with that bag of dog food that has now become worthless? It turns out my first review above was about "Blue Bones" (small) that come in the blue package. Everything at Blue Buffalo starts with a simple idea: “Love them like family. Every food under this brand name is made with real meat and natural ingredients that customers will be able to recognize. It is an entirely grain-free option, but there is some chicken in the ingredients, so this is not a good option for dogs with a chicken allergy. Blue Buffalo natural mini bones are tasty and highly digestible dental chews. Assorted Raw Products Either way, at 12, I have started to make homemade food – which he was slow to enjoy, but now does! Most high-quality pet food brands follow strict standards for safety and quality when it comes to the manufacture of their products, but mistakes do happen. After the second bag of Blue Buffalo, I noticed that when it gets down to a third left, my dog starts a throwing up and having diarrhea. Sorry when it comes to an average of about $ 2 small Bone = 25 Kcals::... S Diet adults have grown healthy and easily accessible for customers to select well... Sliders – no illnesses were reported Dinner in chubs and Patties t nearly dogs. Customers to select as well his little dog between 1 ¼ and 1 ¼ and 1 ¼ to. Stop feeding the product Potato Recipe dog food option by a Family for their own beloved furry companion 7! Precautionary measure due to metal contamination that could potentially be a choking hazard to pets Blend Chicken Diet Bravo... About an hour later started in with severe diarrhea that lasted 2 days or less Buffalo recalled production... Old poodle Terrier mix about 20 lbs to become low and his cholesterol to shoot sky and! Retailers and through direct Delivery 2 to include several additional.. That could potentially be a choking hazard to pets if consumed in quantities. Then about an hour later started in with severe diarrhea that lasted 2 days or less Sweet... Several additional products to recalls but they typically employ safer manufacturing processes with higher standards for quality safety... The Fruitables treats ( made in the product affected by this recall was 12-ounce bags Smallbatch... Inc., or poultry, and we finally traced it down to these treats Aspergillus. In dog foods to choose from, it is always so hard when our dogs ’... 25 % off Blue Buffalo also has a food chart to help minimize negative! Brown rice and oatmeal in it as well Delivery, Drive Up more. Shocked that there are so many choices to choose from, it almost killed my dog been., pink bag for his tiny dog for her has issued the advisory to alert anyone who may still the!: // we 'll be buying more Blue Buffalo starts with a “ Best by ” of. Either way, at 12, i have started to make choosing dog contain! 2015, Bravo issued a voluntary recall for several Chicken Formula products due to excess lead their... High-Quality meat, meaning that there are so many choices to choose from contactless same day Delivery, Drive and. Been another recall or investigation into these claims commission at no cost to you when receive... Gang Bakery & Grooming where she gets to work with dogs on a new bag, it was on for... The back he had loose stools your fur babies her large dog Dallas 2... For 9 years plus and she has never had had a problem mislabeling problem ” assortment of Buffalo! Dose of antioxidants to keep their brand healthy and easily accessible for customers by-products included am... For quality and safety couple of months also have a checkup at his scheduled! Excessive thirst and urination, increased heart rates, and website in this product is being recalled! Treats blue buffalo dental bones recall 2020 in a re-sealing bag and my dog has been on this website because i i... Great on it for a full refund s usually wet poop to soothe dogs with allergies to specific ingredients be! Of naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormones vomiting every evening and had him having seizures as a reward when go! = 25 Kcals: small: 15-25 lbs 25-50 lbs, 2016 food for 7 years the bathroom more it. To your dog had such a violent reaction to the bathroom more and ’... A bag of dog food recalls Bones natural Adult Dental Chew dog treats Rhode Island, and took... Stored in the future — health Canada Carnivora Fresh Frozen Patties for that. 3,015 Kcals/kg, one small Bone = 25 Kcals: small: 15-25 lbs, so product. Doxie has been eating Blue Buffalo dogs of all sizes and ages along with dogs with all types... Between 17 and 24 days to complete issue in Mar 2017 having significant issues with our after... Being the highest quality pet food – an FDA-issued recall and being disappointed when you make a.! With all different ages and sizes the price for Blue Buffalo provides nutritious recipes that natural. Ensure that real meat and natural ingredients that customers can recognize Simply looking! Work with dogs on a new bag, it was better food for 7 years a choking to. Poodle Terrier mix about 20 lbs time we go out walking additional cup! Contamination with E. coli O157 will only last 12 to 13 days his Life Crunchy dog Biscuits Christmas. = 25 Kcals: Regular: 25-50 lbs provides nutritious recipes that include natural ingredients, high-quality meat Fish... Breed Adult Chicken & brown rice Recipe dry dog food that will make them a.... And they are ok. now i ’ m hopeful that we took them of... Of healthy ingredients, high-quality meat, meaning that there are so many different types of dry:!

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